Foods are classified into three categories:

Protides (proteins)
Glucids (Carbohydrates)
Lipids (fats)
These three are the immediate principles.

Few foods belong exclusively to one of these categories,

but we can classify them according to what abounds most in them:

proteins, carbohydrates or fats.

They are also needed to live:

Nutrients or foods have three key functions:

  1. 1.- The first function is energy production, which is heat-rated, which is a term used to show the chemical potential of energy that can be released in the form of heat when food is deoxidized. Proteins and carbohydrates provide about 4 calorie per gram. And lipids or fats provide about 9 calories per gram.

2.- The second function is the maintenance and function of body tissues.

Author: Dr. Ana Farias ND