CEO Dr. Guido Mantilla have a dream! to reach every household that believes and science and nature, bring to them the best high quality of HOLISTIC care with exceptional certified doctor of naturopathic. Dr. Guido Mantilla himself is a Naturopath, but his main work in HOLISTIC RESCUE is keep our quality and the development of our VEGAN made in USA natural products by: HOLISTIC RESCUE.

Senior Naturopath Dr. Ana Farias ND has 18 years experience in naturopathic medicine, assisting patients from around the world. Base in Las Vegas NV, Dr. Farias worked for CLINICA NATURISTA & NATURAL CLINIC for 15 years, providing consultation in 3 languages: English, Spanish and Portuguese; recommending therapies from nutrition guides, natural healing with home remedies, homeopathy, herb ology, iridology, diets base on blood type and mental motivation.