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Español and English episodes

Hosts: Dr. Ana Farias ND (Senior Naturopath)

Dr. Guido Mantilla ND (Ceo- Emotional consultant)

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Our episodes have the purpose of planting the seeds of ancient holistic medicine into the modern life.

Informing, educating and teaching can help many, many people in the conservation of their health.

Our future depend in a healthy generation of youth, to take care our beautiful planet and provide sources for survival.

If someone wants good health, he must first ask himself whether he is ready to eliminate the reasons for his illness. Only then is it possible to help him.


Episodios en Español

Beneficios y uso nutricional. Español
  1. Algas Marinas
  2. Calambres. Español
  3. Arteriosclesoris y la Piramide nutricional. Español
  4. ARTRITIS. Español
  5. Quistes en los ovarios. Español
  6. Problemas estomacales. Español
  7. Huevos, ventajas y desventajas. Español
  8. Las enfermedades y las estaciones. Español
  9. Diabetes. El asesino silencioso. Español
  10. Beneficios de la avena. Español

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